Can blue light glasses cause nausea?

Do you remember when was the last time you spend a whole day lingering on blurred vision or headaches? Were you away from the computer, phone, or television screens? It sounds like anything you have encountered chances are you may have experienced digital eye strain with long blue light exposure.

It is very important to protect your eyes and alleviate all the symptoms to maintain healthy eyes for the long term. Most people are probably thinking does getting blue-light-blocking glasses can damage the eyes or not.

The answer is Yes, wearing blue light blocking glasses uk can damage your eyes causing dizziness and nausea but only if you filter and block the light at the wrong time.

Like if you are wearing red-orange lenses during the daytime you will impair the eye’s ability to use the cone and rod system and lead to eye-related diseases.

  • What are the dangers of blue light exposure after dark?

It’s all about wearing blue light glasses at the time. Blue light sends a message to our brain and which tells about body clock when its day time. It tells the brain its day and be awake and alert.

Therefore, it is a bad idea to see a blue light after sunset as blue light does not naturally present sunset so switching to the televisions, turning on the house lights, or opening the fridge can tell us it’s daytime and do not need sleep.

That is the reason many people wear red lens blue light glasses after the sunset that blocks blue light it is essential to make sure blue light blocking glasses should block 100% of light between 450 to 650nm.

  • Why what time of the day blue light glasses matter?

How blue-light-blocking glasses can damage your eyes is the wrong question to ask. The real question is does blue light damage your eyes when exposed to an excessive amount of light.

We all know blue light is a high-energy light when exposed can cause damage to the cells in our skin and eyes, thinking digital eye strain and dry skin after using a computer or laptop every day.

So, using correct blue light glasses with the right filter at the right time on the day can help protect against the blue light damage.

Ways to protect your eyes using blue light glasses from excessive blue light:

There are many ways you can protect and prevent blue light damage and stop having nausea because some people who are not used to these glasses might find them hard to wear, but once you start using them you will see the potential results.

1) The first way is to go outside far away from artificial light/ this can work as the sun also gives you so much red light that is restorative and protect against damage caused by blue light.

2) The second way is when you do not go outside and to stop the eye damage from intense and isolated artificial sources is to wear blue light glasses during the day this might help you to block dizziness.

You will be happy to know that blue light blocking glasses can either block or filter blue light from reaching the eyes.

You can wear prescription blue light glasses with an orange or red lens after sunset to sleep better at night.

Filtering down using blue light glasses:

Always remember blue light is necessary during the day and you should not block it and just filter down up to 40%. If you wear blue-light-blocking glasses at the right time of the day then you will not damage your eyes wearing them.

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